Thursday, 28 September 1 - 6PM
Friday, 29 September 1 - 6PM
Saturday, 30 September 10 - 5PM
Sunday, 1 October 10 - 5PM

This September time comes Water Salad on Monday, a book and exhibition of beautiful black and white photographs that tenderly picks their way through the special natures that exist at the magical Elm Tree Farm - a working farm comprised of animals, plants, volunteers, carers and adults with learning disabilities.  Film maker and photographer, Esther May Campbell, has been in situ here for a year, watching life and death, friendships and growth, mud and blood, while clicking her battered analogue cameras as the farm sails into the seasons.

The exhibition captures poignant, daft and mesmerisingly mundane moments in tiny details with vast emotion. A sometimes intuitive, sometimes self-aware methodology allows Esther to snap in a sensitive style that blurs definitions of documentary and fable.  Pinning photos to all surfaces of the farm the exhibition will be a treasure trail of sensory pleasure. Hung behind chickens, in the canteen and amongst the fruit and veg, images are going to be cropping up in unexpected places and spaces. Elm Tree Farm has its own shop that sells produce and craft cultivated on the premises. Pigs and ducks, sunflowers and apples will all be at hand too, so these photos, that hold still life for a magic moment, will be surrounded by their living, breathing muses in resplendent early Autumn conditions. The new series of pictures bring to the fore the life-affirming hotbed of care, compassion and graft that is the foundation of this farm and of community-minded collective endeavours all over the world.

Esther is a photographer and film maker who rediscovered the joy and expression of Black & White photography using a shared SLR camera whilst betweens locations. Known for her moving image work, she wrote and directed  BAFTA winning short, September, which travelled the world picking up multiple awards to then be released as a soundtrack and DVD by Invada Records. More recently she completed the feature film Light Years shot around Bristol and starring singer Beth Orton and Muhummet Uzner, with sounds from Eric Chenaux and Chris Watson.  The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival before going around the world.  She makes music videos, has directed Skins for Channel 4 and Kenneth Branagh's Wallander and is part of the Cube Cinema where she helps in running a cinema for displaced children in Haiti and Nepal (the Kids Kino Project).