LIGHT YEARS (2015)  a film by E M Campbell

'There is no doubt that imagination protects from pain.  And kids are masters in that.  What they see beyond the sky is nothing less than "God's Hat", so there's no surprise when they believe that a parent's life is forever, like the one star which remains visible even after its death, being "light years" from us. A family too can be a constellation of stars: they keep illuminating each other although they are no more… Talented British helmer, Esther May Campbell, wrote and directed her first feature film like a wonder dream of amazing audio/visuals that stir the audience and satisfy the critics.'   Anna Maria Pasetti curator and critic, Venice Critic’s week.

'Like My Neighbour Totoro  adapted to live action by Terence Malick'  Sight & Sound

'Campbell’s enticingly sensuous, heat-hazed drama demonstrates the meticulous command of composition and romantically desolate atmosphere'  Variety

Music here by Eric Chenaux

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