I travel on a boat, down a vast broad river.  A structure sits on the centre of this vessel; a tower of humans.  I’m on the deck looking out. A hand slips into mine. I look down. There stands a little girl. I guess she’s my daughter. We see the banks.  Fallen trees.  Concrete blocks cutting into wasted and precarious soil.  Skeletons of business parks suffocate what was once forests and meadows.  At each turn of the river I hope to see some form of life, but instead more rubble and grey skies twist into view.  It is a dead land.  Then I hear a crash. We look back.  A landslide far behind.  A vast clod of earth rolls down, forming a giant pellet before it hits the water. Tornado-like it hurtles at speed in our direction. A call to the others but in the tower they say ‘we are doing OK, tucked up here, cruising down the River of Life‘.  But the earth has its own idea. It hits us with conscious force.  Everything shakes.  My daughter turns to me – what  now?

Then I woke up.

Petrichor is a new feature in development with support from the British Film Institute written by Esther.  The project has been selected by Torino Film Lab and it is being produced by Rosie Crerar, Samm Haillay & Ciara Barry.  It tells of the unfolding narrative of our species as imagined through a love triangle set six hundred years in the future – a battle of ideologies and a war of the heart experienced by strident Ruth and the two compelling men she falls for.

Petrichor; the smell of the earth after the rain.