An immersive photographic exhibition by E M Campbell

Thursday, 28 September 1 - 6PM
Friday, 29 September 1 - 6PM
Saturday, 30 September 10 - 5PM
Sunday, 1 October 10 - 5PM

Water Salad on Monday is a series of beautiful black and white photographs that tenderly picks their way through the special natures that exists at Bristol's magical Elm Tree Farm - a farm that works with flora, fauna, volunteers, carers and adults with learning disabilities.  Esther was in situ for a year here to witness births and deaths, mud and blood, connection and community while clicking her battered old analogue camera.  Pasting photos to the grungy surfaces of the farm, the exhibition was a joyous treasure trail of sensory pleasure.  Beaming from the chicken-shed and barn, pinned up in the canteen, stored amongst the fruit and veg, photos pulled the public into all the farm's intimate places - holding still life for a single moment their living, breathing muses in resplendent early Autumn conditions. 

Blurring definitions of documentary and fable, the now available limited edition book captures poignant, hilarious and mesmerisingly mundane moments in tiny detail and vast emotion.