Photograph Exhibition / E M Campbell

28th September - 1st October 2017
ELM TREE FARM, Park Rd, Bristol BS16 1AA

This harvest-season, the Bristolian hidden treasure Elm Tree Farm, hosts a new photographic exhibition by E M Campbell.
Water Salad on Monday is a book and exhibition of beautiful black and white photographs that tenderly picks it's way through the special natures of Elm Tree Farm. Here, Brandon Trust works with volunteers, staff and adults with learning disabilities to nurture community and hope for transformation through the act of caring.

Elm Tree is a hidden jewel of land and buildings where Esther has been in situ for all four seasons experiencing birth and death, friendships and growth, mud and blood while clicking her battered analogue cameras as the farm heads through all weathers.

These pictures capture poignant, brutal, joyous and mesmerisingly mundane moments in tiny detail and vast emotion.  A sometimes intuitive, sometimes self-aware methodology allows Esther to snap in a sensitive style that typically blurs definitions of documentary and fable.  Her images investigate the profundity of the domestic and Water Salad on Monday brings to fore the life-affirming hotbed of compassion and graft that is the foundation of this Farm and of community-minded collective endeavours all over the world.

The exhibition will be a treasure trail of sensory pleasure. Photographs plastered behind chickens and cows, in the canteen, amongst the fruit and veg, pigs and ducks, sunflowers and apples - so these photos that hold still life for a magic moment will be surrounded by their living, breathing muses in resplendent early Autumn conditions.


Thursday, 28 September 3 - 6PM
Friday, 29 September 3 - 6PM
Saturday, 30 September 10 - 5PM
Sunday, 1 October 10 - 5PM