'I genuinely don’t know how Esther does what she does -  her work is remarkable, relevant, heart-felt and important.’  Adam Laity, cinematographer. 

Esther May Campbell is a photographer and filmmaker from the west of England. To get in touch her photography contact is here and film contact here


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Water Salad on Monday was an on-site, immersive exhibition of cinematic black and white photographs that tenderly picked their way through the special natures of Elm Tree Farm, a working farm staffed by adults with learning disabilities and their carers.  The show was at the farm itself and hung, pasted and stapled vast images onto walls, hay bales and sheds around the farm itself.

The accompanying limited edition book - portraying the life-affirming hotbed of care, compassion and graft that is the foundation of this and all community-minded collective endeavors - is now available.  Water Salad On Monday is showing as a select series of art prints at Bristol's Cafe Connect from the 17th November until 23rd December 2017.